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Profesional Experience

2007 E-Solutions
Consulting Engineer

  • Founding of the consultancy
  • Writing of the unique data folder
  •  Increased productivity by 17% through ergonomics improvements, Rédaction document unique
  • Solving the vacuum drawing problem
  • Implementation of visual managment
  • Organization and implementation of the production flow
  • Increase rate of production due to continues improvement tools ( 5S, Muda, kanban)
  • Quality management system manager
  • Establishment of the structuring and documentation to get the mark "NF PAC”
  • Convener of the conference "Kaizen, TPM and Lean Manufacturing: What to choose"
  • Trainer in school device area
  • Creator of school device area for new entrees in an automotiv supplier
  • Coach of TPM implementing at an automotive supplier
  • Trainer middleclass managers
  • Implemantation and training on "QRQC" (Quick reponse quality control) tool
  • Conduct company to obtain "A"note on VDA audit
  • Preventive maintenance training for operator
  • Trainer for mecatronics ( hydraulics, electrical & regulation) for ROV team ( remote operational vehicle)
  • Diagnostic methology training
  • Specifical technologies ( ARO; Keithley; Trumpf; Thomas; Alcatel)

1995  LIVBAG
TPM projet leader(Total Productive Managment)

  • Organization and piloting the establishment of the 8 pillars of the JIPM approach (Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance) with obtaining the ultimate prize in 2007

    • continious improvement
    • autonomous maintenance
    • Planned Maintenance
    • Quality maintenance
    • Development management activities
    • Operating and maintenance skill training
    • Administration and other indirect department
    • Safety, sanitation and environnement control


  • Establishment on the gemba (field) the 7 steps of autonomous maintenance on all production lines (50 lines, 1000 operators & technicians)
      • Upgrading
      • Removing sources of dirt and difficult access
      • Preparation for the systematic inspection
      • Training in routine maintenance
      • Establishment of maintenance "Cleaning & Inspection"
      • Standardization
      • Self Management
  • Improving product development by
      • Implementation of Life Cycle Costing Life Cycle & Profits
      • PM analysis
      • Lesson learned by integrating feedback

Process Engineer

Launching of new production lines for gas generator for air bag-side:

      • Process FMECA
      • Reception machines at the supplier (Germany, England, Sweden, France)
      • Establishment of the line
      • Placing specifications sheets of settings and task sheet on line 
      • Ramp-up and monitoring of production using the OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness),
  • First line with central controller Siemens (S5)
  • Integration of new technologies resistance welding, arc welding fired; CO2 laser welding, gas filling and helium leak check
  • Amélioration continue du process (Kaizen ; SMED ;5pourquoi ; 7M ; elimination muda ; 5S,…)
  • Continuous process improvement (Kaizen SMED; 5 why; 7M; muda elimination, 5S, ...)
  • Creation & implementation of procedures for preventive maintenance level I, II, III under the transition to ISO 9001,
  • Construction & establishment of "Maintenance Training and Habilitation CO 2 laser,"
  • Training of all technicians on the laser source

Head pole design

  • Compiling of the general design specifications of automated manufacturing lines
  • Compiling Design Guide
  • Developing conformity audit CE
  • Creation of the ergonomic design guide
  • Participation in European standardization groups (16 plant S, A, GB, E, Fr ...)

Maintenance engineer on semi automatically line

  • Maintenance and breakdown of semi automatically lines (electrical, programation ; pneumatically ; hydraulics ; specifically technologies)
  • Integration of new technologies resistance welding, arc welding fired; CO2 laser welding, gas filling and helium leak check
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Continuous process improvement


Health and safety committee

  • Representative of the managerial staff

  • Establishment of a safety workshop on the same base as the TPM approach with a  dividing the number of accidents by 2 in 1 year

1994 A.M.T. (Applications Mécaniques et Thermiques)
Head of Maintenance

  • Planning maintenance
  • Preparation of transformation projects
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of generators
  • Production of electrical equipment
  • Contract EJP in several hospitals (Colmar, Belfort, Dijon, Strasbourg, Besançon; ...)
  • Modernization of pumping stations hydrocarbon facilities Treaty Organization North Atlantic by rising the power of engines from 600 to 800cv and establishment of a Jaeger regulation.

1993 S.B.E.I. (Société Bretonne d'Electricité Industrielle)
Team Leader
   Organization of schedules 4 employees
Control activities

  • Compliance retirement home in Fouesnant
  • Electrical installation, fire in the new retirement home in Pleuven and Odet
  • Foreman for the installation and retrofitting of electrical installations,
  • Presentations and participation in weekly meetings to progress with the various trades,
  • Organization of workshops - planning work
  • Inspection, testing and approvals work. 

1992 F.E.M.I.A. (Franco Européenne de Machines pour l'Industrie Agro-alimentaire)
Technician designer editor 

  • Project boiling water canner Bonduelle
  • Study and realization of electrical plans
  • Order equipment and wiring installation
  • Establishment of installation (wiring & automation power at the client (Bonduelle St Quentin)
  • Training on customer site

1992 C.M.A. (Construction Métallique Armorique)
Technician designer editor

  • Project robottainer
  • Study and realization of electrical plans
  • Order equipment and wiring installation
  • Programming of PLC (Télémeca)
  • Establishment of the customer installation (Rhone Poulenc)
  • Training on customer site
  • Modification of PLC programs
    customer service at customers' Girex; Mazal, Rhone Poulenc; ...

1990 B.A.S.F. (Bayerische Amonium  und Sulfaat Fabrick)
Professionnel Assistant

  • Maintenance, installation and testing of automated hydrogen manufacturing  in a explosion-proof environment
  • General Site Safety

 1984 Belgian Navy
Technician mate, chief guard

  • Managed a team of 20 people
  • Maintenance and repair
    • Pillstick Generators 2Gigawatt Pillstick
    • 2 Cockerill V12 propulsion engines 3000hp and a Rolls Royce 28000hp gas turbine
    • Compressors and diving equipment
  • Maintenance and repairs of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic anomalies

  • Participation in many NATO manoeuvres

  • Continuing Education Staff Formation continue du personnel
  • Ship's Diver


  • 2000-2002 CESI General Engineer in Industrial Management
  • Work done as part of my training:
    • Work placement of Project Management: Total Productive Maintenance to Libvag
    • Responsibility training: Monitoring the implementation of the automatic distribution of granules for the manufacture of plastic films on the site of Penn Carn "Bollore Technologies
    • Memory Study: Should we centralize the maintenance department?
    • Study of Human Relations: Reorganization of risk management services to the CPAM de St-Nazaire
    • Economic Survey: The impact of free deck of Saint-Nazaire on the economic development of Saint Brevin
    • Project Management Module AFITEP
  • 1989            Applied automatic devise programation
  • 1984             Maritime Code Technician 470,431
  • 1983             A2C Electro-Mechanical
  • 1980             Bac C

Quad lingual (French - Dutch – English; German read and spoken)
First aid worker
Free time  
Diving Instructor de plongée ; Sailing ;Tai chi